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StreamNet is a concept of Arka Universal (ThorPanel Team) embedding all the experience acumulated
over the years in providing live streaming services. If you would like to stream video from your website,
we have the solution. StreamNet is a Streaming Service Provider (SSP).
We offer a B2B turn-key streaming media solution to website and content owners.

Tv stations streaming

1. Why pay over 15.000 Euro/Month to upload your signal to a sattelite ?
2. Why settle for a 4Mbit/s signal bitrate for that price ?
3. Why not take advantage of the fast growing internet connections speed ?

This are the 3 most important questions you need to ask yourself. We can provide a new method for sending and receiving media content securely over the internet.
You no longer have to settle to a 4Mbit/s signal bitrate and pay 15.000 Euro/Month for that.
We can provided the same service using the iptv systems we have developed reducing your content delivery bill by more then 75%.

It`s time to change to:

  • Cost efectiv delivery system (75% or more off from your sattelite bill).
  • Faster delivery for your media content.
  • Integration of multiple streamings nodes (multiple streaming locations).
  • No more sattelite dish requirements.
  • No more sattelite weather problems.
  • Access control for users accessing your media content.
  • 24/7 advanced monitoring and notification.

How it all works?

We take your live feed change and create an ip stream. Your newly created ip stream is added to our CDN (Content delivery network) and we are done. Now you can notify your users (catv operators) that the transmision method has changed, provide them with one of our IPTV SET TOP BOX and let us handle the rest. Our technicians will help your users (catv operators) to configure and activate the new system. No other modifications from the catv operator is required. The requirements for the broadcast is a 4-6Mbit/s network bandwidth.
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Network distribution
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Resolution: FULL HD!!!

Video Formats:MPEG2TS,MPEG4TS

Audio Format: MP3, MPEG AUDIO

Subtitles: SRT, SMI, SSA, SUB, IDX+SUB